Dream-Racer is getting closer

Regular readers of this blog will know that Dream-Racer is toy for disabled children. For the benefit of new readers, Dream-Racer technology enables children with physical disabilities to “drive” a radio controlled scale model racing car using simple head movements instead of using a hand-controlled joystick.

Over the last few weeks the Dream-Racer web site has been taking shape and it’s now time to move it from the trial server into the real world.

Getting a project like Dream-Racer ready for the commercial launch is a time consuming process. But, we have now finalised the source of caps, Geoff at Nikko Toys helped Mark with some of the critical electronic components he needed, we purchased our first consignment of printed circuit boards, we found a company that can produce the cap liners, etc., etc.

And the big news is …

The first demo rig is with a special needs school in Shropshire. I took it along earlier this week and left it with them for the children to play with. At this stage we are looking for feedback – hopefully positive but even some of the other type will be helpful as well. I’ll write about this next week.

Take note, if you are a teacher at a special needs school for disabled children and would like to try one of our demo units in your school get in touch. Email me at: michael@dream-racer.com