Dream-racer website launch

Dream-Racer website replaced

Update March 2015: the Dream-Racer website was retired in 2014 and replaced by a much improved professionally designed site. The name of the new site is Special-Needs-Toys and can be found at www.special-needs-toys.co.uk. The www.special-needs-toys.com URL also redirects to the new site.

Many of the original Dream-Racer links to toys and other assistive technology products will also redirect you to the correct pages on the new Special-Needs-Toys site.
But, if by chance you come across a link I’ve missed then log onto the new site – here’s a quick link Special-Needs-Toys and try using the ‘Search’ function to find what you are looking for.

Dream-Racer website

I had planned to write this addition to the blog yesterday, in daylight, but that was before the power went off because of the storms. Luckily, we have a few candles around the house and the darkness was an opportunity to light up. Regular followers of this blog will know that we are developing radio controlled toys for disabled children and young adults. For the benefit of new readers this blog is about Dream-Racer a “black box” we have developed that enables children with physical disabilities to drive radio controlled scale model cars produced by Nikko Toys. Last week I finished the Dream-Racer web site.  You can find it at www.dream-racer.com. The site uses Actinic Catalog as the e-commerce engine. At the moment we only have two Dream-Racer rigs on the site but that will change as we move ahead. The next thing we are planning is a series of ads to promote broader awareness of Dream-Racer and its potential for disabled children and young adults. Have you ever looked at the sponsored ads on the right hand side of a Google search and wondered about them? Well, their structure is very strict. The title has a maximum of 25 characters and both lines one and two only allow 35 characters each including spaces. Sit back and think about this; with so few characters it’s actually quite tough to get your message across. This is my first attempt: Title: Toys from Dream-Racer Line 1: Radio controlled model cars for Line 2: children with physical disabilities If you do see our ads when surfing please don’t click on them because it will cost us at least 10p or so. Instead go direct to the Dream-Racer web site by typing www.dream-racer.com into your browser.