Dream-Racer EC Declaration of Conformity

Regular followers of this blog will know a little about Dream-Racer and our goal of developing radio controlled toys for children and young adults with physical disabilities. Today we made another leap forward by completing a programme of regulatory compliance.

We have completed the testing and risk assessment required to enable us to delare Dream-Racer radio controlled cars and trucks meet the requirements of the 1999/5/EC directive. I know that all sounds very technical but what it means is that Dream-Racer can be CE marked. I must admit I found the process rather daunting but fortunately we had some very capable admin help from John Watts, a consultant specialising in these requirements and from Derek Barlow at DB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd.  Derek Barlow was responsible for checking the electromagnetic compatibility of the transmitter and receiver used in the Nikko radio controlled cars and trucks.

This link connects directly to the EC Declaration on the Dream-Racer web site. Now that CE marking is behind us we are pressing ahead with our search for an electronics assembly operation to build the various Dream-Racer components.

You can also find more background on CE marking at Wikipedia.

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