Blowing bubbles – the switch adapted way

Children love bubbles. So, why not make a switch adapted bubble machine? That’s what we did on Thursday night. We went along to the local Early Learning Centre and bought one of their bubble machines.Picture of the original switch adapted bubble machine produced by Excitim.

Later that evening, modifications complete, we had a bubble machine working in both regular and switch adapted modes. Look closely and you’ll see the switch socket we added – the black lead. Any standard 3.5mm switch can be connected and, when pressed, the toy blows bubble galore.

We are planning to use it to flood the Reebok Stadium with bubbles when we visit the “Kidz Up North” exhibition in November. If you’ve got the chance visit the QED and Liberator stands to see this and all the other switch adapted toys and special Christmas toys we produce.

Update March 2015

Picture of the newest switch adapted bubble machine produced by Excitim. Since posting the original description of the switch adapted bubble machine we have sold thousands and it remains one of our most popular year-round toys.

This is a link to the latest version the Freddie Fish Bubble Machine on Excitim’s special-needs-toys website.


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