Switch adapted train set

We have been looking for train sets to switch adapt for ages. Every time we visit Spring or Autumn Fair trains sets are high on our wish list and, so far, we’ve always been disappointed.

But this week we’ve made a break through; we found two train sets we could switch adapt albeit each one will require us to do some work at getting the switch or controller in place.

Photo of Thomas the Tank Engine The first is a universal favourite – Thomas the Tank Engine. This engine runs on the carpet – no track is needed. Thomas is also very simple to control as one button, or switch sends him forward and the second switch makes him reverse in a circle. With these two switches he can be made to drive along quite merrily. He also makes realistic train sounds.

Photo of the Tolo First Friends train setThen we have a “First Friends Train” from Tolo. This one uses a track layout. Our idea is to use wireless switching technology to turn it on or off. At the moment we are working on building the switch into the engine.

More to come – keep in touch.

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