Switch adapted CD Player

If music be the food of love play on … let’s switch play on.

On a regular basis we have had requests for a switch adapted CD player but until now we’ve had to disappoint everyone. Now, we’ll be telling everyone about the Sony CD player.

Sony CD Player with infra-red controller

Sony-CD-Player-with-infra-red controller

We selected the CFD-S35CP CD player from Sony because it gets great reviews on Amazon. It’s been adapted by programming the “play/pause” and “on/off” commands into an infra-red controller similar to the one we use for the Tolo train set.

Two switches give user the possibility to turn the player “on” or “off” as well as “play” and “pause” a music CD.

Like the switch adapted digital camera I blogged about recently, this CD player does not have any “invasive holes” drilled into the player so nothing we do to it compromises Sony’s product guarantee.

Get in touch if you have questions about switch accessible music systems using our Contact Us page.

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