Penguin Racer switch adapted toy

Penguin Racer switch adapted toyI first saw this toy several years ago and when I came across it again I knew Penguin Racer just had to be in our catalogue.

Children will find the action mesmerising; watching as the penguins are hoisted up the ski-lift ladder, then sliding quickly down the winding slope before they do it all over again. Only when they release the switch will the penguins stop for a ‘breather’.

This is one of a series of new switch accessible toys we have introduced. Take a look at the complete range of switch adapted special needs and sensory toys on the home page of Excitim’s special-needs-toys website.

Sensory musical toys

Searching for sensory musical toys? Here are some ideas.

Take a look at these two sensory musical toys; all are suitable for young children (3-5 years) who are blind, partially sighted or experience hearing difficulties. Based on the recommendations of the RNIB these toys will help develop your child’s sensory awareness by:

  • improving hand and eye co-ordination
  • learning about sound and pitch
  • entertainment and imagination


The trumpet and drums are two of the musical toys available on our in Sensory Musical Toys section. As well as sensory plush and rattle toys we produce a wide range of award winning switch adapted and accessible toys for children aged 3 to 6 years, 6 to 10 years and 10 to teens.

Tolo-Boy-BandThe ultimate boy band …. hard at work making lots of music (well, more likely loud noise) but having fun.

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