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Screen shot of Excitim's special-needs-toys website.

Excitim’s special-needs-toys website

This is a screen shot of our web shop in the United Kingdom at www.special-needs-toys.co.uk Don’t worry if you live somewhere else as we regularly ship toys internationally using courier services such as FedEx or UPS.

In fact, if you live in the US or Canada you can buy tax free from our website. That’s because we do not need to add value added tax (20%) to your invoice as we do for sales to UK and EU customers.

To show what we mean, take the price of any toy on our website and divide the price by 1.2 to get the VAT free price for US and Canadian citizens.

Furthermore, we handle all enquiries and orders from the US and Canada in person.

Get in touch with any questions using the Contact form below. We are very friendly and we’ll be very willing to help you find the best toy for you child.